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Why do you sell individual socks?! 

Why the devil not? We think it's fun to buy & wear two completely random socks. It makes us smile whenever we look down and see our feet and we want you to smile too :o) 

I don't get it. Will I receive 1 sock or 2? 

All of our socks are sold individually so if you order one, you'll get one. You'll only receive a pair of matching socks if you buy two of them. 

Why is the price different for different socks?

Just like pairs of socks can differ in price depending on where you buy them, so can single socks! Our socks are from different suppliers who charge different prices for their socks, therefore our prices per sock can differ.  

I've ordered 2 different socks but the quality is different too!

Yup, again these are individual socks from different brands. Some socks are made from bamboo, others cotton. Please check the materials before ordering.

Why are your sizes in 'Small' and 'Large' and not 'Men' and 'Women'??

Because your gender doesn't define your shoe size. 

What sizes are 'small' and 'large' then? How will I find socks that fit me??

By going off your shoe size.....If you've got small feet you look in the 'Small' category. If you've larger feet, then you look in the 'Large' category. To be honest though, a lot of socks fit all sized feet! 


UK size 3 upwards, EU 36 upwards, US 5 upwards


UK size 7 upwards, EU 41 upwards, US 8 upwards. 

What does 'one size' mean?

It means one size fits all. Some socks can fit both small and large feet and still be super comfy. 

Can I get a refund?

Possibly. Please read our 'Refund Policy' 

I haven't received my order yet

No probs. If you've waited for the recommended delivery time (under 'shipping policy') and you still haven't received your order, please email us.

I've received the wrong order

What!? No way! We always take the up most care when sorting orders out so if we've sent you something different to what you've ordered, please email us and we'll look into it. 

I've received my order but the parcel and the packaging wasn't very nice!

We are doing our bit for the environment. We re-use the majority of our packaging and envelopes where possible so they may not look the prettiest, but we hope you understand and support us with this.

Will I receive a left sock or a right sock!? 

Unless socks specifically have a 'R' or 'L' on them, it doesn't matter which foot you wear them on! P.S. None of ours have R's or L'S on them so buy what you want!