About us

Welcome to my odd little world
Hello, I'm Heather!
I bet you're wondering why I sell single socks aren't you?
Well, the idea for All the single socks was created like all good ideas are - when I was drunk. As an avid odd sock wear, my train of thought quickly went from 'shall I order a pizza or Chinese?' to 'why do I have to buy a pair of socks, I only wear one of them!?' And just like that, All the single socks was born! 
It's a super simple concept. Just pick 2 socks of totally different designs and TA-DAH! You have a pair of 'extreme odd socks'! You get to decide what you want on each foot and if that isn't feet-freedom, then I don't know what is. 
Just don't get confused and think 'Quantity 1' is a pair of socks. It isn't. It's one sock. Oh and btw, I'm not the Odd Sock Police or anything. If you want to buy a matching pair of socks, go for it! You do socks your way. (Just change the quantity to 2!) 
Also....our socks are all from different suppliers, lovely people who make wonderful socks! This does mean though that the prices of socks and even the quality (some are bamboo, some are cotton etc) could be different. Become a sock detective and check out the materials when purchasing.
Spoiler Alert: We *may* be massive Beyonce fans too...Shake those hands in the air! "All the single socks, all the single socks"